Poverty and the Politions


Political minds making these things will never take us beyond the poverty line, our poverty is the cause of them. Even in the last 70 years, if our mortgage has changed, the neglected blindness has not yet been seen. Today is the condition of our people that was 30 years ago. What message does the rush to the market near Eid? It is the same as the threatening of our political districts like the same or the millions of sound system was also used in the leadership of Azam. Today, the arrangement of food after the gatherings has been heard or seen before. People who walk in the first rallies do not go into cars now. Have you ever seen such party flags in the first rallies? In these poor rallies, poverty and poverty were hidden from both the people and leaders. Do you still see poorness from sunset and stage sunset? The poor man can be able to get rid of these blessings and time. Or they have to lose weight. They say, if you do not change, change your mind and your mind.

Unfortunately, when our poverty is interested in political leadership, then why should they stop our advertisement in every square round? I would say to these poor minds as long as you do not bury. Your poverty will not go away. In the past, bread linen and slaughterers gave everything to you. Or your poverty has gone away. Paternal poverty is the most painful. And if this Lord has promised to give us, then who are these to remove our poverty? The person in which we want to keep it. Can not control the red blood of a mic. You worry When a poor rope or a government of government declares, they object to this help. I think the governments are poor. And the rest of the people and the guardians have put a cover in front of the poor eyes to protect their empire.

They tell us poor that they have locked our minds. And now a month’s catering to the wedding ceremony is an image of this negative thinking. Seeing the tent service’s furniture disappeared at the end of the festival. Court turtle fees, bribery rates, doctors ‘remittances and hospitals in hospitals’ treatment. What is poorly paying? What day is the rent of daily buses? All this was done keeping the condition of the poor. Why we do not believe that lack of government resources and unusual, non-interest, strikes, boycott and non-political bounce jumps of the day of their carelessness, made the ordinary man’s resources unsuccessful. A laborer and the unemployed daily earn so much to enrich their family. So stop bouncing our ball. We know how to overcome our poverty. Change your mind To change the national horizon. The poor is more self-sufficient, does not like to be called poor. However, eating daily on daily basis is a gold medal and a gold medal. Then who gave them permission to present the collective poor and get rid of them. Let us live as a nation, you worry about your poverty. Do not name our ignorant poverty. In fact, instead of changing your thinking, we will show you more than your thinking. For today, do not abuse us poverty today. Prepare us for the use of new resources so that we can proudly change the community by earning the honor. Understand the ass and understand the difference between the poor. I think every rich’s wishes have made him poor. And poor thinking thought it rich.

The Solution of poverty

  • Help the poor class and moral support.
  • Contribute to the organizations or foundations that are working for this.
  • The state should create jobs.
  • Raise minimum wages.
  • Invest in cheap, high-quality baby care and elementary education.

These are some basic solutions to overcome the poverty. But there are many other solutions but we have discussed here some basic and major solutions which can be helpful. Our organization himmat-e-mardan (himatemardan) is leading such things to help the needy class in hard time. Our mission is to reduce the poverty  in Pakistan and its rate

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