About Us


On February 5, 2018, the organization in the meeting was given a name 'Himat-e-Mardan organization and brought the strategy to work closely with counseling, which was emphasized to help the poor class


We are trying to make new members for the organization to collect more donation so we could help the needy people and poor students. It is not very essential to be a member for dontaion. People can donate without becoming member


People and members can donate by different methods like Bank transfer, Easy Paisa and Jazz Cash. We started to get the donation by Easy Paisa and Jazz Cash for the easiness of the people

Our Resources

These are our main resources from where we get most part of donation. We are happy to say that our members are working hard and with honesty. Our members are struggling to make awareness in people and convening them to become member of our organization. We are also happy to announce organization’s website.

Students and People's Donation

This Organization is created by students and we are making awareness in people to contribute in donation. Organization conduct a meeting in every 3 or 4 months for better ideas and planning


We are happy to introduce the website of this Organization for more awarness in people. We hope we can collect more funds and donations through this website, More fund means organization can work with more effectively


Important Information

You don't believe but Pakistan is one of the richest country which gave almost 26 million annually to the beggars out which almost 10% are needy & 90% are habitual.. As our Holy prophet Hazrat Mohammed (S.A.W) said always help needy people which are your relative So the first priority is relatives... Kindly be aware from these habitual beggars & spend your money to the needy people.